Wednesday, November 23, 2011

an introduction

so we've all been there:  you've got a witty pop culture/current events/sexual position triple entendre team name.  there's a sports game that night but not enough people care so you can still get a table at the bar.  all your buddies are here and you're ready to kick some ass at trivia.  but the questions suck.

a recent trip to a bar to remain nameless got me thinking, how hard is it to actually come up with a round of trivia questions that are hard enough that not everyone instantly knows the answer, but easy enough that you can reasonably deduce at least a few good guesses?

and let's try it with pictures.  so i'm going to try to, as best i can, come up with a ~10 question picture round each week to test my theory.  i can't guarantee that they aren't unique and never been done before, but just that i'm doing.  here goes-

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